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I am an "outsider" music artist using the name PhAEDRx. I write the lyrics, compose the music, play the instruments & produce the final versions.

My 4 main themes are Love, the Human Experience, Nature & the Metaphysical.

My 2 main styles are Eastern-influenced psychedelic folk-rock & Electro-pop & I have some bluesy soulful songs.

Lead & background vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, piano, synths & other keyboards, electric bass, harmonica. 
Live drums, drum machines & sample loops, live & sampled percussion, other sampling & sequencing.


About the name PhÆDRx (ΦαιΔΡξ)

The name PhÆDRx comes from several sources.

· Phaedra, a Greek mythological figure mentioned in the lyrics of "Some Velvet Morning".

Some Velvet Morning is a 1967 Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood song.
Primal Scream covered it twice with Kate Moss.
I prefer Primal Scream's 1st version from 2002, on the Evil Heat album,
because hearing it led me to take the name Phaedra & turn it into PhÆDRx.

· Phaedrus, the title of a dialogue written by Plato

Plato's Phaedrus dialogue covers topics such as love & the human experience.
These are 2 central thematic elements in PhÆDRx songs.

Ephedra, a medicinal preparation traditionally used by ancients.

This reference calls to mind the timeless, powerful & spiritual healing force of music.

· The isopsephy value of ΦαιΔΡξ is 675 which corresponds to Greek words for "earth" & "divine".

These are 2 more central thematic elements in PhÆDRx songs- nature & the metaphysical.

· The letter arrangement in PhÆDRx also has several more personal meanings


Always look up.

There is a timeless, powerful & spiritual healing force in music.
Music can be an expression of the deepest kinds of love.
It can make a big impact in our lives and our world, and it can shape our reality.

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